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New Classes Starting September 27th 2022


Afterschool Matters at Corvallis!

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Corvallis School District has been offering various forms of afterschool programs since 2009. This year we have been granted funding from the Heman Foundation. Thank you Heman. With this funding we hope to offer a wide range of interesting topics to engage our young minds and enhance students opportunities. 

We will be running interest based classes and a homework club this year, to 5th through 8th grade students. We plan to expand offerings to the younger grade. These courses are offered on a sliding fee schedule and we are looking for individuals and organizations to "sponsor" students that cannot afford to attend. If you are interested in providing funds for scholarships please contact us! 

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To provide a supportive environment where students establish meaningful relationships, build lasting connections to their school and local community, and develop the essential skills needed to succeed.



Connect students with peers, family, school, and the community through relevant project-based activities. 

Unlock each student’s potential through a variety of activities that encourage exploration in an accepting creative environment. 

Develop academic skills and work habits that raise student achievement through tutoring, mentoring, and integrated programming, combined with opportunities for students to assess their progress, set goals, and celebrate success. 

Corvallis After School Program 

Mission & Goals

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